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Permission-less and Trust-less Decentralized protocol for crypto non-fungible collaborations and fungible donations managed by smart contracts integrated with the COMPOUND, AAVE and CREAM lending protocols on the Polygon, Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum Blockchain networks.


Thanks to the Blockchain and the decentralized lending protocols that run in it, today we can offer a new way to collaborate intelligently, making each of them more efficient since being non-fungible and being able to withdraw when desired, allows that this capital can be deposited in another cause.

It is the way to collaborate without giving up your cryptos. You leave them as long as you want and withdraw them when you want, without time or cost restrictions. You are the only one who can handle your cryptos.

This can be achieved since the funds of the collaborations are deposited in lending contracts guaranteed by collateral funds. It is there where the collaboration begins to generate interests that are effectively the contribution that the owner of the cause will take. Your collaboration is infinite, because after you withdraw it, the interests will continue to generate interests.

It also constitutes a way to hold your crypto collaborating at the same time.

Likewise, you can also, if you wish, make donations in the causes of your interest. In this case, you collaborate by giving up your cryptos on behalf the owner of the cause.

You are a person of influence and have a project that helps others? You can also enable your space.


By collaborating, in gratitude you are participating in the No-Loss raffles 🅹🅰🅲🅺🅿🅾🆃 while your contribution is deposited.

A part of the generation of interest is accumulated in a jackpot that is managed by the smart contract.


Beyond the definition of patron … “person who sponsors or protects artists and intellectuals” we extend it to any person or entity that requires a means of receiving collaborations for a cause, project or start up no matter which is.

You can access to have your space or pool at NO COST. You will only need to provide us with a public address of your wallet where you want to receive the contributions generated. Then you can inform your community of this new way to collaborate in your cause. You will be the only one who can manage the space and the funds generated.

Once you have your space, it is infinite. It will never stop working since it will be on the blockchain.

Complete the form at the bottom of this page or contact us by telegram or email to request the creation of a space.


Once you have your space or pool enabled, your community will be able to deposit crypto in it. Those crypto from the first moment will begin to generate interest since they are deposited in a lending contract. The pool information is public and you will be able to monitor the number of collaborators, the total funds deposited, the interest generated, the reserve fund, the lottery fund, the interest and reserves collected.

The deposited funds earn interest for each block. These are added to the capital to continue generating interest in the next block and so on. As long as you do not withdraw the interest, they will be part of the funds that generate more interest, even when the collaborators withdraw their initial capital. These interests are displayed in three groups: Interest, Reserve Fund and Lottery Fund. The interests and the reserve fund are freely available to the owner of the space or pool. The lottery fund is managed by the smart contract for the allocation of winners. In the event that you need to make a withdrawal of interest or the reserve fund, the pool will transfer it to you at your request and will stop generating interest on that withdrawn capital.

Also in your space, your community will be able to make donations, which as long as you do not withdraw, will generate interest.

The only one who can withdraw interest, reserves and donations is you. The funds will go directly to the public address of your wallet with which you enabled the pool.

THE NUMBERS: Of the 100% of the income generated in the lending contract by the deposits of collaborations and donations, 75% is free available to be withdrawn by the owner of the cause without any type of cost and 25% accumulates in the jackpot. For a visualization of the income generated, the pool discriminates them as follows:

50% free available interest.

25% free available reserves.

25% jackpot. The visualization of the value already has a 25% discount corresponding to the development and marketing fee that is transferred only when the jackpot is awarded and transferred to a winner.

100% of the donations are free available to the owner of the cause at no cost.

All the income generated as well as the donations, as long as they are not withdrawn, will be deposited in the corresponding lending contract generating more income.

TRANSPARENCY: Once the Mecenas pool contracts have been deployed, they are immutable without the possibility of modifying their operation. Likewise, the contracts of each pool are duly published and verified in the corresponding blockchain in order to be audited by the public. Likewise, you will be able to audit at all times the balance of the underlying token deposited in the corresponding lendig contract simply by consulting said contracts by entering the address of the Mecenas contract as a parameter.


Do you want to participate by collaborating with our platform? You can become a Cause Seeker.

If you are interested in bringing causes and projects to use Mecenas, you do not have to ask us for permission. You are free to do so. For the spaces that you enable, you will receive in compensation for your effort and commitment, a fee each time the lottery or jackpot funds are awarded to the winners.


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