House of Protocols across Chains

MOBYDICK is a platform made up of decentralized, permission-less, trust-less and non-custodial protocols across chains.

Although our native token lives on Binance Smart Chain, protocols are built and would be build across other blockchains such as Polygon, Ethereum, Arbitrum, Avalanche and Tera among others.

Our Protocols

Mecenas Protocol


We want to make sure our users funds are safe


We build Mecenas with the purpose to help people around the world taking advantage of the crypto ecosystem.

Our users deserves security. Although we did our best to code our contract, we encourage hackers and skilled developers to join our bounty program.

This is a new technology and…

by Mobydick Finance



Permission-less and Trust-less Decentralized protocol for crypto non-fungible collaborations and fungible donations managed by smart contracts integrated with the COMPOUND, AAVE and CREAM lending protocols on the Polygon, Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum Blockchain networks.


Thanks to the Blockchain and the decentralized lending protocols that run in it, today we can offer a new way to collaborate intelligently, making each of them more efficient since being non-fungible and being able to withdraw when desired, allows that this capital can be deposited in another cause.

It is the way to collaborate without giving up your cryptos. You leave them as long as you want and withdraw them when you want, without time or cost restrictions. You are the only one who can handle your cryptos.

This can…

MOBYDICK.FINANCE… a community-governed Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform permissionless and trustless for Binance Smart Chain.

MOBYDICK comes to allow investors to sit on the other side of the counter, participating in a community driven investment fund which owns, develops and improves the defi platform.

Why MOBYDICK makes the difference.
MOBYDICK aims to…

AIRDROP is live…

Airdrop: MobyDick Finance ( (MBK)
Reward: 10 MBK (~$)
Market: DODO (soon crowdpooling)
Focus: 5000 tokens will be distributed after a random draw.
Distribution on Sept 12th 2021

Airdrop Link: (

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Mobydick Finance

House of Protocols across Chains

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